Three Friends from San Diego Summit Mount Kilimanjaro in Targhee IIs

Dear KEEN,

I wanted to write you about my experience in your shoes, actually, three of our experiences.

In October my boyfriend, my roommate, and I decided to go to Africa. My roommates friend is living in Tanzania and we thought this a perfect opportunity to visit. We all love the outdoors but mostly surf here in San Diego. During our planning we thought since we were going to be traveling all that way it would be amazing to attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Months before our trip we started training on trails in the area to prepare for our great journey. We searched online for the appropriate hiking boots and settled on the Targhee II Mid Shoes based on reviews and our own comparisons to other shoes we tried. Actually, all three of us purchased them.

KEEN Fans on Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

I wanted to write this email because we were all able to summit and I have to say these shoes were the best. They were so comfortable and easy to break in. They were reliable and durable from the safari to the rainforest, the high desert, as well as through the snow and ice at the top. The first day of the hike we were soaked to the point of having water gurgle out of the top of the shoe with each step but were able to dry over the next two days even as the temperature started dropping. Even better, was that only one blister was suffered through the trip, even with the rain. I just wanted to say thank you, and write as a testament to how great these shoes really are.

Thanks again, have a great day!