First Official Tour – Portland Walking Tours

This posting is from Adam, one of Portland Walking Toursour HybridLife Radio show hosts.

When KEEN announced that “Recess is Back” earlier this month, I had to giggle to myself just a little bit. They want
ed Heather and I to share with HybridLife Radio listeners, recess moments that we have during the week. Prior to this announcement, I had been training constantly for my new day job as a tour guide, or “Resident Expert” for Portland Walking Tours. For this job, I’ll be strolling around Portland telling people about the history, culture, and food and drink of the town. I thought to myself “My job is recess!”

I led my first official tour not too long ago and one couple definitely stuck out (in a good way) for a few reasons. For starters, they were walking their collapsible bikes around with them on the tour. And secondly, they were both sporting some heavily used KEEN Newports. Once the tour was over, we had a chance to chat about Portland, KEENs, and also those fancy bikes they took with them on the tour. It turns out they sold everything they own to take an open-ended bike tour across America. They have a pretty fascinating story to tell, and you can check it out at

I would say that overall, my first tour went as well as I could have hoped. I had a sunny day and met a great bunch of people; some of which are testing the very limits of recess and what it means. It’s going to be good summer.


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