KEEN Ambassadors on the Playground – Men's Dutch Rafting Team Rocks 'n Rivers

Playtime is back!

We wonder if we ever lost it. I don’t think so. For us there is nothing like playing together in the outdoors. That’s why rafting is such a great outdoor sport. Enjoying the beautiful rivers and especially the big rapids.

Rafting in competition demands a lot of training, but the rewards are awesome. You get to play around on the most beautiful rivers in Europe, Asia and Central America. That’s why we’re greatly looking forward to compete in the world championships in Costa Rica in October this year.

To keep the rivers clean we all should take responsibility. As a professional rafting team we try to spread the word! We’re spending a lot of time on rivers, so we see the differences.

Playing around, working hard to reach a goal and taking responsibility for our environment are elements that our team stands for. And because of that we proudly work together with our sponsor KEEN that shares these values.

– Joost Sondaal, Rocks ‘n Rivers Raftteam

You can follow the guys on their way to the Worldcup in Costa Rica via Twitter, Facebook and their website.

Dutch Raft team Rocks 'n Rivers