KEEN Ambassador on the Playground: World Champion Disc Golfer Avery Jenkins Bringing Disc Golf to the Masses

“I am a Touring Professional Disc Golfer from Santa Cruz that travels all over the World playing in Disc Golf Tournaments in the US and abroad. I am the 2009 Disc Golf World Champion and a 3X US Distance Champion. As a Disc Golf Ambassador, I do all that I can to make this one of the best Sports out there. It’s a goal of mine to make Disc Golf a Mainstream Sport in the years to come. It has the potential to be something great in the future; it’s just going to take some time and a lot of hard work.” – Avery Jenkins

PDGA World's, Kansas City - 2009

Playground of Choice: “The world is my playground for playing the sport that I love for the fact that I travel all over the US, Europe and Asia playing Disc Golf Tournaments. My playground is ever changing and always evolving, the outdoors that I experience and its natural surroundings is progressively transforming into something new with every visit.”

What is one thing you can do to preserve your playground? “One way to preserve my playground is by promoting Disc Golf as being a great recreational activity that provides very low environmental impact and by doing my best to pick up litter on the courses that I play.”

Favorite KEEN Shoe: Milo II

Tee Shot at 09 PDGA Worlds

KEEN Ambassador Program: At KEEN we are always looking for people in every community who are stewards of the outdoors and bring a new perspective to the idea of living a Hybrid.Life.  At KEEN we strive to bring you closer to the outdoors by empowering our ambassadors to do the same for us!