Help Grow Youth Surfing Programs with The Faces of Warm Current Campaign

The goal of Warm Current is to help connect communities with their water resources by increasing access to surfing—both for their pure enjoyment and to inspire the need for environmental protection. To this end, Warm Current diverts usable wetsuits from the waste stream and donates them to individuals or groups in underprivileged communities. Warm Current also provides under-served youth in the Pacific Northwest with surf camps that show them the exhilaration and joy of connecting with nature through surfing.

June 27th marks the beginning of a movement for Warm Current that you can participate in. The Faces of Warm Current is a fundraising campaign that will bring money into the organization so that they can purchase new surfboards, wetsuits and a surf camp trailer (which you can be a part of, literally). By making a $5 donation, you can create a square with a message or photo that will then become a part of the mosaic to cover the kids surf camp trailer.

Go here to donate and get your square.