KEEN A86 TR Shoes in Action – Meet Rich and His Amazing Dog Makani

Talk about taking discs to a whole new level! Meet Rich and his amazing dog Makani…

Hi, my name is Rich Roskopf and my Recess is playing with my disc dogs. I have loved throwing discs for as long as I can remember. I played ultimate at Oregon State University and after graduation found it increasingly harder to find people who wanted to throw the disc as much as I wanted to…..and to put up with me trying new throws that don’t always end up getting to their intended target. Getting a dog to bring the disc back seemed like the perfect plan. I set my sights on getting a disc dog and ended up with more than I could have imagined.

Playing with my two dogs, Allie and Makani is one of the highlights of my day. What began as simple toss and fetch for their exercise and my entertainment has evolved into increasingly technical and innovative maneuvers and tricks. Sometimes I think I am training them to obey commands and more often than not, they are reminding me to just play.

I’ve gravitated toward the A86’s. The minimalist design gives me the right amount of protection, traction, shape and feel without getting in the way. I now think of them as part of my uniform when I am getting ready to go out and play. They are a lot like putting on a pair of my own feet.