Letter from a KEEN Fan – Prepping for a Trip to Cameroon

Dear KEEN,

Just a quick note to thank you for making such great products.  In preparation for a trip to Cameroon, Africa, I was in need of a pair of rugged sandals.  Last winter I purchased a pair of your Targhee II mid-rise hiking boots to wear when snowshoeing and they are great.  I have lived in Minnesota all my life and have struggled to find the right boots for winter activities.  They are either too big and too hot or not warm enough.  But your boots are just right. Warm, comfortable, and they fit well in snowshoe bindings.  I remember going out one day with a -19 wind chill.  Four miles later I returned home with icicles hanging off my beard, a glow on my face and nice, warm toes.

KEEN Newport H2s Go to Cameroon

After being so satisfied with the boots, I decided to give your sandals a try and purchased a pair of Newport H2’s. Attached is a photo of my sandals taken after three weeks in Cameroon. The red dirt is the earth of west Africa, a fine clay mix that stains cloths, works it’s way into everything and gets greasy when you add rain. But even in the rain, traction was never a problem for the H2’s.  As for the dirt, it can still be seen on the soles after two week at home. They were comfortable both barefoot during the heat of the day or with socks on cool nights. The only change I would suggest is some type of a slotted insole to catch small stones without them grinding into your foot.  But with all the openings in the sides it was usually not problem to remove the offender and continue walking.

In short, you have a very satisfied customer.  Keep up the good work!


Kelley J.
Hector, MN