Surfing the Rockies SUP-Style with KEEN Ambassador Seth Warren

“I’ve been breaking new ground…..well water in the SUP world.  From surfing to river running, I’ve been out on the board almost every day for the last month.

From the spot in downtown Missoula on my 7’2 King Fish board, to the shoulder high Pipeline wave on the Lochsa River….it is confirmed.  You can surf the rockies these days.  I managed to pull off the first (still the only) descent of the the infamous class IV Lochsa River, staying on the board for nearly all the rapids thanks to the new foot straps I designed to increase the stability.  Another highlight was the Salmon River through Riggens that was running at nearly 80,000 cfs, close to the annual peak.

It’s been a really fun spring/summer and of course each and every river I have done with my awesome KEEN Gorge Booties!  Just wanted to give a shout out to KEEN and say thanks for all the support.

Thanks a ton for the continued support and hope you all are great!”

– Seth Warren