Repurpose for a Purpose – New Box Recycling Program at Distribution Center

The Repurpose for  Purpose Program is simple. We’re interested in pioneering new ways to ship KEEN products by challenging ourselves to consider each choice we make. Once we re-think our options, all sorts of new possibilities appear.

What is happening?

We’re repurposing corrugated cardboard used to ship KEEN products from factories and giving them a new life.

Getting the boxed repurposed for shipping shoes to KEEN retailers.
Repurpose for a Purpose Program at Warehouse

Final assembly
Repurpose for a Purpose Program at Warehouse


We save money by reducing the number of new boxes we buy.  We improve efficiencies in the warehouse.  And we lessen our impact on the environment.

In 2011, the Repurpose for a Purpose Program has the potential to help us save 144 trees. There is also a potential saving of 48,000 pounds greenhouse gas emissions from being emitted into the air, the equivalent of 4 less cars being driven.

Repurpose for a Purpose