Waterkeeper Alliance SPLASH Series Invites People to Swim, Paddle and Fish In Local Waterways to Support Clean Water

The Waterkeeper Alliance SPLASH Series invites Americans to swim, paddle and fish in their local waterways to celebrate and support the importance of clean water. Without clean water, we cannot swim, drink, fish and play in our local waterways. The SPLASH Series celebrates the fact that we have a right to clean water and raises important funds to protect that right.

Swimmers on Land
Splash participates at Hackensack River Paddle

The SPLASH Series will take place on five waterways around the United States, and each of the SPLASH events will raise funds to support Waterkeeper Alliance and its local Waterkeeper organizations by engaging local citizens and clean-water enthusiasts in water-based activities like swimming, paddling and boating.

The first season of SPLASH events kicked off with the Hackensack River Paddle on October 1st in Hackensack, New Jersey.  Next up is the The Great Oyster Point Runoff with Charleston Waterkeeper on November 5th in Charleston, South Carolina.

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