Transcendence: A New Documentary Film Explores Psychology Behind Extreme Sports Experience

Here is a a trailer for a new documentary by Josh Neilson called Transcendence, which features one of our KEEN Ambassadors Alison Gannett. Over the past year and a half Josh has been working on a project exploring some of the psychology behind the extreme sports experience.

Josh goes on to say that “while researching the topic I came across work by Dr Eric Brymer and began to read his thesis. His findings were so interesting that I decided to approach him about turning some of his work into a documentary. In May 2011 I left NZ to film and interview Eric in Australia and gathered what would become the structure to this film. I have worked with some amazing athletes including William Trubridge, Alison Gannett, Mike Abbott, Jokke Sommer and will be shooting with Vanessa Quin in the coming weeks.”

This is just a taste of what is to come in the film…enjoy!