KEEN hosts University of Oregon MBA Students

University of Oregon MBA Student Visit

This may look like an unconventional group of MBA students hanging out in a fairly unconventional space—both of these assumptions are entirely correct.

University of Oregon MBA students from the Center for Sustainable Business Practices had the distinct pleasure to meet and have an intimate conversation with James Curleigh, CEO, CPT (Chief Product Tester), and CRO (Chief Recess Officer) at the KEEN Headquarters in downtown Portland.

What both of these parties have in common is their unique view on business. KEEN defers to the simple mindset: “What would a nine year-old do?”, while also acknowledging the need to consider and respect the community and environment in all of its business operations.  This mindset is shared by the Oregon sustainable business students who plan to apply their business skills and experience to drive change and conduct a different type of business—one that defines success and profit beyond the bottom line.

Written by Oregon MBA Student, Cassidy Williams