Ambling in the KEEN Ambler – Snowshoe Magazine Gear Review

It’s not just about where you’re going, but how you get there. With the Ambler, featuring a semi-sticky active-traction rubber sole and moisture-wicking textile lining, you’ll get there in ease whether it’s steep single-track trails, a pile of boulders or while dodging cacti.

Snowshoe Magazine recently tested a pair of the Amblers and had the following to say:

The Amblers are simply awesome walking shoes, no matter the terrain. I’ve taken them from the Bruce Trail to rail trails to the concrete canyon and jungle of downtown Toronto without even a hint of a problem. That’s impressive to find a shoe that adapts that well to such diverse conditions.

They’re extremely light as well, always a plus, and do well in wet conditions, although I wouldn’t call them a true amphibious shoe in the genre of the KEEN Cimmaron set I also own.

I truly think that, depending on your needs, you just can’t go wrong with these shoes. Now get out there and give me five – miles, that is.

Pick up a pair for yourself here.