The Nomad: A short film by Skip Armstrong asks “Why do we wander?”

In March, we shared the trailer for a new documentary by Josh Neilson called Transcendence, which features one of our KEEN Ambassadors, Alison Gannett, and considers the psychology behind extreme sports. Recently, JoyTrip Project shared another inspiring short film about our relentless need to explore. Nomad by Skip Armstrong features Eric Brommer, a National Geographic Explorer of the Year who wanders “the extreme arctic north, the seas and deserts of Baja, the streets of DC and the waterfalls of the Northwest.”

We’re captivated by Brommer’s attitude because it speaks to the adventurer in each of us. Brommer asks, “What is it about solitude and nothingness that’s so abundant?” reminding us about the sense of fullness we experience as we lose our way. Brommer, too, needs to return home at some point, but he insists that “even when I’m there I’m still searching, I’m still learning.”

Armstrong offers one perspective on why humans explore, but why do you explore? What are you searching for? What if there were no limits on how far you could go?