KEEN Recess: Explore a New Park

Portland State University graphic design student Jeffery Frankenhauser will design a logo for each of the 279 municipal parks in Portland. His thesis project is a helpful reminder to take a KEEN Recess break and explore a new park in your city.

Frankenhauser describes his process:

“Before I start sketching for a park, I always do a little research into the park’s history, to see if there is anything significant that I can use in shaping the logo. Irving Park is named after Captain William Irving, a pioneer of steamboat travel, which led me to create something with a nautical theme. But I also try and work in any notable physical attributes of the park (like Brooklyn Park’s steep hill, Columbia Park’s dense & shadowy trees, or the bluffs of Overlook Park) or work in cultural influences of the surrounding areas (like reflecting the bold, colorful art scene in the Alberta Park logo, or using Colonel Summers’ mustache for the hip Belmont-area park).” #

Frankenhauser was inspired by Nicole Meyer’s Branding 10,000 Lakes [in Michigan] and Steve Shanabruch’s The Chicago Neighborhoods. Together, these three projects prompt important discussion about creating identities for communities.

What’s your favorite park in your city or town? Why? Do you identify with the parks or other public spaces in your community?