Summit For Someone: Mt. Whitney

KEEN Ambassador Forest Woodward and the Summit for Someone team recently topped out on Mt. Whitney via the mountaineer’s route. As a result of the climb, 30K was raised for Big City Mountaineers to help get at risk youth out on their own wilderness adventures.

Here’s some info from Forest on how he got started with Summit for Someone:

“With brothers and sisters named Autumn, Rivers, and Canyon it doesn’t take a great stretch of imagination to realize that I come from a family who values nature and the experiences that come from being in the out of doors. Growing up our parents homeschooled us in large part so that we were free to travel, experience, and ultimately learn through outdoor pursuits all over the world.

Looking back (and inward and forward) I have a deep gratitude for the lessons I learned, and continue to learn, through my frequent forays into nature. It is on high mountain ridges and on swift rushing rivers that I have found the scope of my imagination broadened, my appreciation for this world fullest, and understanding of self deepest.

That is why I was drawn to Summit for Someone, and signed up to climb Mt. Whitney in April of 2012, in order to raise awareness (through my photographs) and funds so that under privileged and at risk youth might have the opportunity to learn and grow in the out of doors.”

Here are a handful of photographs from the climb. Please visit Forest’s blog entry for the full set.