5 Games for Your Summer Road Trip

Sure, you’ve already loaded up your phone with games (for you or your little ones) and downloaded all those episodes you missed of your favorite show for your annual 12-hour summer road trip, but, fact is, someone is going to get bored. Eliminate the “…Are we there yet”s and prevent bouts of restlessness with these fun games that will keep passengers of all ages smiling. 


  1. License Plate Game

This is a classic, but the competition will keep everyone in the car entertained. Try to find a license plate for each of the 50 states. On the fly, write them in a notebook, but if you plan ahead, bring a map of the US and mark off each state as you go. This is perfect for kids who need to improve their geography skills or adults who need a refresher!

  1. Alphabet I Spy

A step up from simple I Spy. Start with A and try to find three things outside the car that begin with that letter. For example: apple, auto, and arch. The first person to get all three chooses the next letter and their challenger.

  1. Counting Cows

How many cows do you think there are between Redding and Red Bluff? Here’s your chance to find out. Play individually or divide the car in half for two teams. First, make a guess. Then, start counting! See how many cows (or sheep, tractors, etc.) you see before you reach a chosen destination. The team with the most cows or the best guess chooses the next playlist.

  1. City, Country, River

This one can be tough, but after counting all those cows, you might need something a little more intellectual. Agree on three categories such as city, country and river, and then choose any letter of the alphabet. Challenge your co-pilot to find one of each. For example: Sacramento, Sweden and the Salmon River.

  1. Recess break!

Instead of filling up on caffeine and sugar on your next bathroom break at the gas station, take a KEEN recess break! Do ten jumping jacks, play catch with anything you can find in the car, or take a moment to gaze up at the clouds, stretch your arms out, and breathe in that fresh air. Whew.

Where are you headed this summer? And which games help you pass the time in the car? We can’t wait to try out your suggestions on the road.