KEEN Instagram #CloudContest

Summer is now in full swing and to celebrate the warm weather, the smell of barbecue, and funky sandal tan lines, we’re launching an Instagram cloud gazing contest! Didn’t know we were on Instagram? Find us by searching for the username, @keenfootwear.

In today’s busy world, how often do you take the time to stop and stare at the clouds? That’s what we’re encouraging you to do for the next 10 days:

Make sure to include a creative caption with your photo in order to help it stand out from the crowd. So what’s in it for you? On July 23rd, we’ll announce a winner and give away one prize package that includes a pair of KEEN shoes, socks, and a bag.

Here are some example cloud photos that should help inspire you and get the creative juices flowing…

"Clouds on clouds on clouds."

"Festival of the clouds!"

"The calm before the storm."

"Could these clouds BE any fluffier?"

"Clouds vs. Sun: The showdown."