Holiday in Haiti Trailer

Holiday in Haiti Trailer from C Hilliard.

This past spring, a small team comprised of top US pilot/KEEN Ambassador Nick Greece and adventurer Gavin McClurg travelled to Haiti for what may seem like an unlikely mission: to paraglide in the rugged mountains and experience the island nation from the air while flying cross country.  The trip was just the first step for the Free Flight Haiti team, though.  They next plan to host international groups of pilots for flying tours, as well as a festival event that will share the sport with locals through tandem flights. The eventual goal will be to identify Haitians for training as tandem pilots.

The team consists of a group of accomplished, professional pilots who believe an annual festival would have enormous positive impact for Haiti by providing much-needed tourism dollars, along with helping bolster the image of Haiti to the outside world.  It will also provide locals with jobs, opportunity, and the empowerment of new skills.  This type of endeavor may seem unlikely, but it is not without precedence.  Team member Nick Greece is a co-founder of the highly successful Ghana paragliding Festival, now in its 7th year.

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