Worldwide Recess Day: Let's break the record!

Have you heard? This Friday is Worldwide Recess Day! Time to jump out of your chair and take (at least) 10 minutes to play. We want you to participate and help us set the world record for the most recesses taken in one day! Looking for a little inspiration?

Biggest Game of Dodgeball

4,979 people.  Thousands of spongy red balls. Absolute chaos. At the University of Alberta in Canada, almost 5000 people set the record for the largest game of dodgeball. Check out the video here.


Best Lifesize Piano

We absolutely love this idea. Fun Theory created a charming piano stairs at a metro station in Stockholm, Sweden and asked,  “Can we get more people to take the stairs over the escalator by making it fun to do?” Yes!

Largest Flash Mob

On April 12, 2012 more than 5000 dancers in 300 cities danced the “Carlton” to create the largest simultaneous flash mob in history.


Tallest Human Pyramid

Every year in  Catalonia, Spain hosts a human pyramid building festival. This long tradition of building castells or human pyramids is quite a feat (and quite dangerous!)

Most People Jumping Jacks in a 24 Hour Period

Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy.

Last October Michelle Obama lead the record attempt for the most people to do jumping jacks in 24 hours. In one day 300,264 people did jumping jacks at 1,050 locations around the globe. Impressive!

How will you #TAKE10 on Worldwide Recess Day?