KEEN Ambassador Updates: Bruckner Chase and Rue Mapp

Our KEEN Ambassadors have been busy lately! They’re always off embarking on some killer adventures and we wanted to make sure to take some time to highlight a couple of them here. We’ll feature two more next week, as well.

Bruckner Chase:

As global advisor to Special Olympics International for Open Water Swimming, Bruckner was recently in San Juan, Puerto Rico overseeing the 1,500 meter open water swim for the Special Olympics World Aquatics event:

The winning SO athlete completed the course in under 20:00 after winning the overall wetsuit division at the Tiburon Mile in San Francisco the week before. The Unified component allowed SO athletes to work in tandem with other athletes, and the Unified concept is what can have a profound, positive impact on communities around the world.


Rue’s goal to to reunite African Americans with the outdoors was recently featured in an ABC-7 news segment. From

If you took your family camping this summer, you may have noticed a lack of diversity at your campground. More than 90 percent of campers are white and African Americans are less likely to go camping than any other race. One group is helping to close the racial divide of the great outdoors.

It is where many childhood memories are made, a family camping trip. But look closely and you might realize there is something missing: African Americans. Rue Mapp of Oakland is trying to change that. She started “Outdoor Afro” three years ago hoping to reunite African Americans with nature. “Outdoor Afro is a social media and in-person community that inspires and celebrates African American connections to nature,” she says.

Check back next week for updates on Ambassadors Nick Greece and Alison Gannett!