KEEN Ambassador Updates: Alison Gannett and Nick Greece

We caught you up last week on some of the adventures that KEEN Ambassadors Bruckner Chase and Rue Mapp have been on recently. Now it’s time to check in with two more: Alison Gannett and Nick Greece.

Alisson has a great feature on Alison and how she became a climate activist in order to protect the thing she loves most: winter.

Gannett walks the walk when it comes to living green. She and her husband grow their own food on an earth-friendly farm, and she’s battled to bring sustainable eats to residents in her rural corner of Colorado. Gannett has also leveraged her personal experience into a business that helps individuals and corporations — including a few of her athletic sponsors — reduce their energy consumption by up to 50 percent.

Alison gives roughly 250 Skype presentations per year to companies about how to reduce their resource consumption and carbon footprint. Her goal?

“I’m here because I want to save our snow,” Gannett says. “And what is snow? Water. And water is one of the most precious and endangered resources.”

Nick Greece

Outerlocal is documenting Nick’s attempt to paraglide 1,000+ miles along the length of the CA mountains.

In an evolution of paragliding history, Nick Greece, Gavin McClurg, Brad Sander, Oriol Fernandez, Eric Reed and Antoine Laurens are 150 miles into an odyssey that, should it succeed, will establish a new vol-biv record in the United States.

 The first attempt did not go quite as planned, however:

Equipped with bad beta, they made it less then 20 miles before being forced to land on Kearsarge Peak (12,598’).

That landing was rough for current Paragliding World Cup America’s Champion Nick Greece, who recently set the American footlaunch record of 204 miles by flying from his home in Jackson Hole across the Wind River Range and the Red Desert.

“I nearly broke both my legs,” he said in a phone call this morning from his bivy spot at ca. 9,500’ east of Lee Vining Peak.

For now, the outcome of the flight still has yet to be determined. Stay tuned for updates on both Nick and Alison as they continue their efforts in protecting and exploring our outdoor playground.