Leave No Trace + Meet the Moment

Leave No Trace, a nonprofit organization dedicated to conservation education and one of our Hybrid.Care partners, sends its dedicated staff throughout the country to educate and inspire the next generation of outdoor advocates. The trainers spend nearly 200 days of the year out on the road talking with camp counselors, outdoor retailers, guides, youth organizations, outdoor groups and enthusiasts. Their message is simple: make good decisions to protect the world around you. But many eager hikers and campers head out onto the trails and into the wilderness without planning ahead, often at a cost to the environment.

To minimize your footprint the next time you go explore, remember this mantra: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Leave No Trace follows these 7 Principles:

Interested in supporting this worthy cause? CLIF Bar is currently raising money for several nonprofit organizations including Leave No Trace. Visit www.meetthemoment.com and upload your best moment of outdoor adventure. For every photo you upload, $5 will go to the Meet the Moment nonprofit of your choice. If you share your moment using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest, $1 more will go to that nonprofit.  Additionally, on October 31st, CLIF Bar will announce one grand prize winner, who will get to donate $10,000 in their name to the Meet the Moment nonprofit of their choice.

This is a great and easy way to support Leave No Trace’s year-round efforts to protect the places we play.