In response to the needs of those affected by Hurricane Sandy, KEEN has donated $700,000 of footwear and funds for Hurricane Sandy relief. This includes 2,300 pairs of KEEN Utility boots for relief workers and families affected by the hurricane in Staten Island, NY, as well as 5,000 pair of shoes, 2,500 pair of socks and $15,000 to the American Red Cross for New Jersey/New York aid.
Many people volunteering in the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts have either lost all of their belongings in the Hurricane or are wearing light weight footwear without protection, so KEEN is outfitting local residents and volunteers with protective footwear to ensure their safety with cleanup and demolition.

“In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy our company’s reaction from the management team to all employees was to quickly find a way to help those who have experienced disruption to their lives,” said Chris Enlow, Hybrid.Care Manager at KEEN. “For this disaster we contacted community organizations in the affected areas and found that our footwear products with toe protection and Utility boots could be an important resource for relief and rebuilding on the ground.”