Paddleboards from Ambassador Drew Brophy

KEEN Ambassador Drew Brophy recently painted two standup paddleboards for our new building. In case you’re unfamiliar with his work, Drew’s paintings always depict real life experiences, and the two boards he painted for us were no exception.


This painting shows some of the wildlife my family and I saw on our five month trip across America last year.

The Trout: In Redfish Lake, Idaho, I was catching trout off of the paddleboard. It was funny; there were a few guys out there in a nice fishing boat, with all new equipment, and here I paddled out with my son’s fishing rod and a red bucket, and I was catching all the fish!

The Bear: While in the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho, we saw a bear walking on the ridge not far from where we were parked. The kids were excited to see a bear in the wild, and I was glad it was far enough away!

The River: I took my inflatable Riviera Paddleboard down the Salmon River in Idaho for 11 miles. Along the way, being the only human in the water, I saw elk and deer and eagles. It was amazing.


This winter I finally got to surf giant waves at Nelscott Reef in Oregon. This painting shows the giant kelp you see out there, the big fish and of course a small surfer in a huge wave!

I wrote a post all about the Nelscott Reef Adventure, you can read it here: Mission to Surf Nelscott Reef – Big Waves in Oregon.

The rest of the story can be found on Thanks, Drew!