KEEN Cares #2: Leveraging Resources for Big Results

Photo by Greg Burke, The Conservation Alliance

Since 2004, The Conservation Alliance — one of KEEN’s key Hybrid.Care partners — has saved more than 31 million acres of wildlands and 1,830 rivers in North America.

The Alliance has achieved these results by bringing outdoor industry companies together and disbursing their collective annual membership dues to grassroots organizations that protect wild places.

In the first year of our partnership with the Alliance, we made a promise to increase the nonprofit’s annual funding to $1 million. By leveraging these contributions with a matching dues incentive program, the Alliance has been able to go from awarding $360,000 to grassroots environmental organizations in 2005 to awarding $1.3 million last year.

Achieving that goal was its own reward, so we were particularly humbled when the Conservation Alliance honored our efforts to support environmental initiatives with the organization’s first annual Outstanding Partnership Award.

“It’s very unusual for a young company to come into the industry and engage with a group like the Conservation Alliance on the scale that KEEN did,” stated executive director John Sterling upon bestowing the award. “Many hesitate or decline, saying that they can’t afford to join as significant contributors until they reach a specific revenue milestone. KEEN’s energy and leadership motivated other companies to do more by showing companies in the industry what’s possible.”

Photo by Greg Burke, The Conservation Alliance