KEEN Cares #8: Playtime!

KEEN inspires its fans to take action by getting outside and playing. In a time when people are stressed out, always online and increasingly sedentary, we asked a simple question: Can a brand be a solution for today’s hectic world? The answer rang out like a school bell, and in April of 2011, we launched a “Recess is Back” campaign to encourage adults and families to restore play into their daily lives.

Recess was our rallying cry for adults and kids alike to take a break from the daily grind, get outside and create their own playgrounds — whether through a week-long adventure or just ten minutes in the fresh air.

To spur playtime, we supplied a grant to Playworks to help support training adults from 30 companies in five cities to go to schools and educate staff and students on how to implement daily Recess. Playworks Portland Executive Director Jonathan Blasher explains, “Our vision is that all children have the opportunity to play every day. We have found that by engaging adults in healthy and meaningful play, they better understand its benefits and are more inclined to support the movement to realize our vision.”

Want more info? Check out the following videos to see what Recess means to us: