KEEN Cares #9: Locally to Globally


‪”‎Envirotrek‬ Mayrhofen-Hippach 2013 Group Photo — with Dan Krejci at Envirotrek Mayrhofen-Hippach.” — Respect The Mountains

We are fortunate to be part of an amazing global community that inspires us to look for ways to leverage our resources to have a lasting impact wherever our fans are in the world. One such example is Envirotrek, an outdoor adventure event with a focus on preserving our favorite nature spots.

What is Envirotrek?

Envirotrek is a grassroots event series that takes place in the summer after the winter snow melts. One hundred million tourists visit the European Alps each year, and each of these tourists leaves a footprint, often in the form of waste or trash. There is a need for on-the-ground action to remove this excess waste at these popular mountain tourist destinations. Envirotrek meets this need, makes a real impact and empowers participants to embrace sustainable tourism, all wrapped in a fun, one-day experience. Envirotrek is especially suitable for families with young children, as it teaches the youngsters — in a fun way — about cleaning up trash in mountain areas.

About 100 people took part in Envirotrek in 2009, more than 200 participants were involved in 2010, and in 2011, participants collected 160 bags of trash. The Event Series was taken to another level again in 2012, generating the following results across five different European countries during the summer holiday season:

– Over 1,000 hands-on clean-up hours by almost 500 mountain tourists and locals.
– 1,750 kilograms of waste, which included 350 garbage bags, scrap metals, car tires, used oil barrels and more.
– Awareness to other vacationers and locals in seven locations.

Respect the Mountains awareness reached more mountain tourists through these events, and provided essential awareness to a wider tourist audience. Together, Respect the Mountains and KEEN are committed to caring for European Mountain areas so future generations can enjoy these special environments.