#KEENtoGrow – Help Us Support Community Gardens


It started with cupcakes and it’s continuing with gardens — our 10th birthday, that is. We’re happy to announce that KEEN has partnered with the Cannon Greens Garden in Salt Lake City to grow garden-fresh vegetables for our upcoming birthday party (aka KEENfest) on July 31 as part of this summer’s Outdoor Retailer convention.

This partnership comes in the form of a $5,000 grant we’ve provided to the garden that will allow it to expand by 36 plots, put up a beautiful wooden fence for added security from theft, supply perennial plants to go around the perimeter of the garden for beautification, and add a “You-Pick-It Bed” the public will be able to pick from.

“Planting seeds and supporting community gardens in Salt Lake City is the perfect way to celebrate our first decade in business, since KEEN debuted its hybrid sandal at Outdoor Retailer 10 years ago,” says Linda Balfour, director of marketing at KEEN. “We’re honored to fund the expansion of Cannon Greens Garden, which has not only allowed community members to grow all of the food for our KEEN celebration, but also will enable them to grow produce and feed community members for years to come.”

About the Wasatch Community Gardens

Recent years have shown an increased interest in food production both at home and in community gardens. And while the total number of community gardens has increased steadily over the last 10 years, there’s still a strong demand to grow more. To meet this demand, Salt Lake City partnered with Wasatch Community Gardens to start “Green City Growers,” a program that provides residents with access to community gardens on City-owned land.

Cannon Greens was one of the first gardens in this program, and thanks to the help of Wasatch Community Gardens and our backing, it has been able to expand and improve its infrastructure tremendously over the past couple of months. This will allow it to continue to grow and play a critical role in increasing access to fresh, local produce in the Salt Lake City community.

What’s Next? 

It’s been amazing to see the recent transformation of the Cannon Greens Garden, but we don’t want to stop there. We’re now raising money to support other community gardening efforts across the globe — and we need your help.

Give us a hand by submitting a favorite photo or screenshot of your backyard garden or community garden, or a gardening tip or recipe using homegrown food, and tagging them with #KEENtoGrow. For every post shared, we’ll set aside $1 towards community gardens. Then we’ll let you, our fans, decide where the money goes.

We’re proud to support community gardens that nourish communities, and we hope that the Cannon Greens Garden is just the first of many to come.

What are you #KEENtoGrow?