KEEN Effect: Six Questions with Kirsten Blackburn

Kirsten Blackburn, KEEN Brand Marketing Coordinator and one of the the driving members behind the KEEN Effect, took some time this week to sit down and answer questions related to the program.

What role does the KEEN Effect play in our Hybrid.Care program?

One of the reasons I am proud to be part of the KEEN team is because of the company’s commitment to being a business with a conscience. Since Hybrid.Care began in 2005, we’ve given more than $7 million in cash and resources to nonprofits around the world. The KEEN Effect is a wonderful addition to our Hybrid.Care program and it really takes this commitment a step further by engaging with our fans on a more personal level. We’re excited to partner with our fans to work towards building a strong community and a healthier planet.

What inspired the program?

Our fans inspired the program. We are constantly amazed and humbled by the dedication of our fans and wanted to fund organizations they are passionate about. We hope this is a way to both inspire them to keep following their feet, and to thank them for their continued dedication.

What would make the KEEN Effect a success?

In my opinion, if through the KEEN Effect we start conversations about the importance of responsibly enjoying the outdoors, the program will be successful. If one of the KEEN Effect’s future grantees introduces a person to the outdoors for the first time, and inspires that person to live a life enjoying the beauty of the outdoors and working to enjoy it responsibly, that’s a bonus.

How has the response been so far?

The response has been great!  KEEN fans are sharing, retweeting, liking and commenting through social media. KEEN employees are buzzing around the office, sharing stories and projects of nonprofits they’re sharing the KEEN Effect with. It’s been a great feeling being a part of something so impactful.

What can KEEN fans do to help?

KEEN fans are the catalyst of the KEEN Effect! By simply sharing, or the KEEN Effect Video with nonprofits in their communities and encouraging them to apply for a KEEN Effect grant – the effect starts. Fans can send local nonprofits a letter, write on their facebook walls,  send them an email or call them on the phone!

Why are you most excited about the program?

To me, the KEEN Effect is exciting because of how personal and ‘on the ground’ the program is. It’s going to be so awesome getting to know 25 new nonprofits, learning their stories, and watching them in action as they inspire folks around the world to get outside and responsibly enjoy the outdoors. I can’t wait to see the ‘Effect’ actualize.