KEEN Wood Carvings in Salt Lake City

We were in Salt Lake City last week attending Outdoor Retailer and brought with us four 17-foot-tall wood carvings: two that had already been finished before the trip and two that were going to be worked on live in Salt Lake City outside of the Salt Palace Convention Center.

We collaborated with the artists and designed the wood carvings to tell the stories of the places and communities that inspire us. Each wood carving portrays different scenes to tell a unique story:

  • The Cannon Greens Community Garden Wood Carving is inspired by scenes from the garden filled with growing plants, bees, ladybugs and a harvest.

  • The Wasatch Community Wood Carving tells stories of the Wasatch community enjoying the great outdoors.

  • The KEEN History Wood Carving tells the story of our brand, from the Newport sandal that started it all, to disaster relief for the Asian Tsunami, to Create, Play and Care, the pillars of HybridLife, to places our products enable our fans to play.

  • The Places We Play Wood Carving highlights our adventures on mountains, trails, water and city streets.

For this last carving, we took the four categories and turned them into four KEEN employee stories. In case you missed them last week, here are the links to each:

So what’s next for these wood carvings? We left the Cannon Greens Community Garden Wood Carving and the Wasatch Community Wood Carving in Salt Lake City to be placed on display in the gardens. Here’s a photo of the community gardens board after seeing the wood carvings in person for the first time!

The KEEN History Wood Carving and the Places We Play Wood Carving came back to Portland with us, so stay tuned for an update on where those two end up.

Thanks to everyone in Salt Lake City who came out to watch the wood carvings, and here’s to Cherry’s Hot Chocolate for supplying us with warm drinks! We’ll see you all again in the summer.