KEEN Europe Steps in to Aid UK Flood Victims

Written by Julian Leumer

During recent months, the UK has been battered by strong storms and heavy rainfalls which are set to make the 2013-14 winter the wettest on record and have even forced many from their homes. To date, more than 5,000 homes and businesses have been flooded, resulting in a critical situation — especially in the counties Somerset, Surrey and Berkshire.

When the KEEN Europe headquarters learned about the severity of the flooding last week, we instantly decided to help those on a local level who needed it most by pulling shoes, boots and socks from our inventory and donating them to the relief effort.

Last Friday, an express delivery with 200 pairs of KEEN shoes and boots and 140 pairs of socks arrived at the Flood Relief Distribution Centre in Bridgwater and volunteers immediately began the process of distributing the footwear to those most in need.

A big thank you to everyone involved in this quick and straightforward move — especially all volunteers on a local level, the logistics team and KEEN UK!