#KEENGreenGraffiti brings Drew Brophy to Europe

Californian surfboard artist and KEEN Ambassador Drew Brophy traveled to Europe last week to team up with GreenGraffiti to create a huge freehand sidewalk mural at the KEEN Europe outdoor retail partner Globetrotter in Hamburg, Germany. With the help of water, a power washer and templates made from recycled water bottle caps, Drew was able to transfer his interpretation of “Follow Your Feet” to the pavement outside the store. People from the community were invited to come watch and even join Drew in the creative process.

Following the event in Hamburg, the #KEENGreenGraffiti tour stopped by the Globetrotter store in Cologne. In a slightly different approach, Drew spend the day painting a SUP board outside the store. Fans and customers were able to meet Drew, get a poster copy of one of his artworks and even enter for a chance to win the painted board.

Here are some examples of Drew’s art come to life in Europe:

DSC_7658 DSC_7662 KEEN_HAM_Maria_01 KEEN_HAM_Maria_02 KEEN_HAM_Maria_11IMG_1676 IMG_1691 IMG_1700 IMG_1704 IMG_1726 IMG_1744