Journey to KEENtern Island

A welcome sign from the Marketing Department

A welcome sign from the Marketing Department.

Written by Digital Marketing Intern, Cori Batey

Greetings from the 2014 KEENterns! We’re a group of undergraduate and graduate students who are spending our summer working at the KEEN headquarters in Portland, Oregon — in every department from Human Resources to Operations to Marketing. Some of us are new to the city and some of us are Portland natives, but we’re all excited for this 10-week adventure!

Our first week was a whirlwind of new names and faces, touring the office and getting to know KEEN. We familiarized ourselves with the lunch options nearby and had a great time exploring all the offerings that the KEEN Garage has to offer.

The KEENtern Island where the Graphic Design, Sales, Brand Marketing and Digital Marketing interns work.

KEENtern Island, where the Graphic Design, Sales, Brand Marketing and Digital Marketing interns work.

In addition to working with our departments and teams, we’ll work together on a KEENtern project that will span the entire 10 weeks. Fridays are set aside as “KEENtern Fridays” to give us time to get to know each other, learn about each department and work on our project.

This week, we met up in the awesomely furnished basement to find out what this KEENtern Friday had in store. It didn’t take us long to notice the stacks of magazines and the arts-n-crafts box and realize that it was collage time! After a brief explanation, we got to work creating a visual representation of what KEEN means to each of us.

KEENtern Sam shows off his masterpiece

KEENtern Sam shows off his masterpiece.

After an hour or so of cutting, pasting and chatting, we got up to practice our skills by presenting our finished products to the group. KEEN has a different meaning to each of us, but there was a recurring theme of fun and adventure running throughout the presentations that we think really defines what KEEN is all about. Week 1 was a blast and the KEENterns are looking forward to the rest of the summer!

What KEEN means to me.

What KEEN means to one happy KEENtern.