Live Monumental at KEENfest

The Live Monumental mobile made it to Salt Lake City!

Twice a year, SLC plays host to Outdoor Retailer, the premier trade show of the outdoor industry. For this past week’s summer expo, about 27,000 people made their way to SLC to get the inside scoop on what’s trending, and KEEN was there in the middle of the action! And for the fourth year in a row, we put on our highly anticipated KEENfest, to give everyone a chance to take a break from meetings and to get acquainted with our Live Monumental campaign.

Participants munched on food and drinks, while also being treated to free swag and custom screen printed t-shirts with artwork of each proposed national monument by KEEN Ambassador Jeremy Collins. During this year’s trade show, we also got word that a bill to protect Boulder-White Clouds in Idaho just passed through the senate and was on it’s way to President Obama. One down, four to go!

We also got a chance to share more about what made Live Monumental possible, highlighting a special piece of legislation enacted by Teddy Roosevelt. In 1906, the Antiquities Act was signed by Teddy, which allows the President to declare National Monuments with a signature. Not only was Teddy a fierce protector of the outdoors, but he was also a noted scholar, animal lover, and skinny dipper. A true renaissance man, if you ask us.