#LiveMonumental Lands in Washington, D.C.

After nine weeks of driving, crossing 28 states, and traveling 7,500 miles, Lil’ Yellow made it to Washington, D.C.! We got to see countless national parks and monuments, meet wonderful businesses and supporters along the way, so that the team could deliver over 30,000 signatures made on our petition.




In the three days we were in D.C., we had 22 meetings with congresspeople, senators, chief of staffs, conservation experts, and many more movers and shakers on Capitol Hill who all had nothing but support for Live Monumental. We were even hosted by the White House Council on Environmental Quality, for an hour long discussion about the campaign, what it means for the outdoor industry, and how we can continue to effect change through the Obama Administration.

We even had the opportunity to host a Monumental Reception in between the Hart Senate Building and the United States Supreme Court. MC’d by our own Kirk Richardson, KEEN was welcomed by The Wilderness Society President Jamie Williams, and attended by Senior Advisors from the White House, the director of the BLM, nearly the entire Oregon Congressional Delegation, most of the Nevada delegation, and many more experts within the outdoor and conservation fields.




On our last day at D.C., representatives from The Department of the Interior were kind enough to meet with us, and Sally Jewell’s Chief of Staff and Senior Advisors both thanked KEEN for its leadership, encouraging us to continue the conversation.

We met with Robert Bonnie, Undersecretary to Tom Vilsack who runs the United States Department of Agriculture.  He applauded our efforts and encouraged us to keep the pressure on. We can’t stop now! Our visit was so energizing and we are ready to keep Monumental Momentum rolling through 2016.

Check out a full list of everyone who took the time to meet with us below, and add your name to the movement!







Undersecretary Robert Bonnie, United States Department of Agriculture

Michael Degnan, Deputy Associate Director, White House Council on Environmental Quality

Angela Baranco, Director for Public Engagement, White House Council on Environmental Quality

Chris Adamo, Chief of Staff, White House Council on Environmental Quality

Tommy Beaudreau, Chief of Staff, Department of Interior

Nikki Buffa, Senior Advisor to the Secretary, Department of Interior



Senator Merkely, Oregon

Senator Wyden, Oregon

Senator Capito, West Virginia

Senator Boxer, California

Senator Manchin, West Virginia

Senator Feinstein, California

Senator Reid, Nevada

Senator Heller, Nevada



Congressman Blumenauer, Oregon

Congressman Simpson, Idaho

Congressman Jenkins, West Virginia

Congresswoman Titus, Nevada

Congresswoman Bonamici, Oregon

Congressman Defazio, Oregon

Congressman Cook, California

Congressman Grijalva, Arizona/Ranking Member on House Natural Resource Committee