Chasing a Sense of Wonder

“If we don’t offer ourselves to the unknown our senses dull. Our world becomes small and we lose our sense of wonder”.

– Kent Nerburn

The above is a favourite quote of mine and in many ways, “chasing a sense of wonder” could adequately describe my motivation for most endeavours. I am fascinated by exploring both limits and places, and I hate the idea that my senses could grow dull through inactivity. I think human beings are packed full of such incredible potential, it’s a great pity to waste it.

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There are various ways to “offer ourselves to the unknown” – anytime we try something new we do just that. When thinking of adventures, I used to look to exotic locations as a basic starting point but then I realised that there are plenty of opportunities close to home, too. The Channel Islands Triathlon is about taking a well-known sporting event like a triathlon, and the familiar destination of the Channel Islands – and seeing both of those things with fresh eyes.

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I’ll be swimming around Sark (5 miles), kayaking around Guernsey (28 miles) and cycling around Jersey (45 miles). Three islands, three different disciplines!

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It’s a totally new challenge for me – although a total water baby at heart, this will be the most serious swim I’ve ever done. The intensity of the adventure will also provide a fresh challenge; my adventures are normally over a much longer distance, and also a much longer time frame. Training for the swim is taking top priority as this will be undoubtedly the toughest of the 3 disciplines for me. I have to learn how to make my stroke as efficient as possible and I’ll also be doing a lot of outdoor swimming to help my body adapt to cold water.

I feel nervous and excited – mostly a wonderful combination of both. One thing is for sure, my senses are wide awake.

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