KEEN Effect 2015 Year in Review

Here at KEEN we have a big goal: protecting and promoting outdoor places to play, all around the world. So as we transition into a new year full of new opportunities, let’s first take a look back at some of the many ways our partners did their part in 2015.


Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers leaving no trace in Roanoke, Virginia earlier in 2015.

As the leader in sustainable recreation practices, Leave No Trace is training a nation of outdoor advocates to be stewards of our shared natural resources. For ten years, KEEN has proudly supported LNT’s vision. Most recently, we’ve been excited to support the group’s “LNT in Every Park” initiative and have been awestruck by their determination to put essential Leave No Trace education into every park and protected area in the nation. This work is essential to protect the outdoors into the future. 

2015 Highlights

  • Taught LNT Principles to over 100,000 individuals
  • Launched LNT in Every Park and selected 12 Hot Spots across the country to conduct special Leave No Trace events and community trainings
  • Successfully recruited our very own Chris Enlow, KEEN’s Corporate Responsibility Manager, to their Board of Directors
KEEN Employees Volunteer with Northwest Youth Corps, The Wilderness Society, and 21CSC during an all company volunteer day this summer.

KEEN employees volunteer with Northwest Youth Corps, The Wilderness Society and 21CSC during an all company volunteer day this summer.

The Wilderness Society and 21st Century Conservation Service Corps are the newest additions to our long-term nonprofit partnership family. In 2015, in partnership with KEEN Utility, we formally welcomed them to the team. All three groups are working together to build increased access to public lands through on-the-ground work with America’s Conservation Corps. We’re proud to support the wonderful missions of both organizations and are eager for a successful 2016.

2015 Highlights

  • Rebooted 300 Conservation Corps across the country
  • Participated in volunteer events with four different corps groups across the country
  • Pulled all of KEEN’s Global HQ employees out of work to volunteer with Northwest Youth Corps in Portland’s Hoyt Arboretum

2015 Conservation Alliance grantee Alaska Wilderness League. Photo credit: Kongakut Shreffler

KEEN works through The Conservation Alliance to fund the most urgent land and water conservation initiatives in North America, protecting out continent’s threatened mountains, rivers, deserts, forests and coastlines for their habitat and recreation values. Holy smokes, The Conservation Alliance is a dream to work with. For more than a decade, the group has informed KEEN of key conservation initiatives, educated us in Washington D.C. and made us feel increasingly proud to work with them.

2015 Highlights 

Through $1.6 million in contributions to 43 nonprofit organizations…

  • Preserved 1,179,695 acres of land
  • Acquired one climbing area
  • Removed two dams
  • Protected 13 river miles
KEEN Employees Raft the Wild & Scenic Rogue River with American Whitewater in June.

KEEN employees raft the Wild and Scenic Rogue River with American Whitewater in June

American Whitewater works with river enthusiasts and their extended communities to document and share the merits of our nation’s wildest rivers, then translate those merits into protection for free-flowing rivers using the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and other federal processes and laws. KEEN has been a proud supporter of AW since 2005.

2015 Highlights

  • Removed or fought to remove 10 dams
  • Received over 12,000 volunteer hours from dedicated boaters across the country
  • Hosted four KEEN employees on an unforgettable multi-day whitewater rafting trip on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River

The Forest Park Conservancy worked with over 900 volunteers for 5,000 hours in 2015. Here, volunteers rebuild a trail after torrential rains.

The Forest Park Conservancy is working to build a strong, diverse community that actively supports a healthy Forest Park, which provides clean air, clean water and amazing recreation experiences to the Portland region! For nearly ten years, KEEN has been happy to support the FPC and its quest to increase public awareness of threats to the park and educate the greater Portland community as to how they can preserve one of Portland’s greatest resources.

2015 Highlights

  • Recruited, trained, and mobilized more than 900 volunteers who worked for 5,000 hours
  • Maintained and repaired 30 miles of trail
  • Freed 4,300 trees of ivy

Thank you for supporting KEEN, and thanks to our nonprofit partners for their great work on these efforts and many more in 2015. Together we can make a difference.