Mojave Trails Now Protected!

Two down, three to go!

President Barack Obama just designated three new National Monuments in California’s desert, one of which is Mojave Trails. Mojave Trails National Monument joins Boulder-White Clouds Wilderness as the second landscape the Live Monumental movement has seen protected since we took off on our 7,500-mile road tour late last summer.

This designation ensures that the public can continue to access Mojave Trails for outdoor recreation activities including hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, rockhounding and exploring off-highway routes. It’s also significant in linking Joshua Tree National Park and the Mojave National Preserve, while protecting pristine scenery, archaeological and scientific wonders, and important bighorn sheep and desert tortoise habitat.


The Live Monumental tour stopped by Amboy Crater, North America’s youngest volcano, for a short day hike. Amboy Crater is now protected within the Mojave Trails National Monument.


In addition to Mojave Trails National Monument, President Obama created Sand to Snow and Castle Mountain National Monuments, bringing his national monument designation tally to 23, the most of any president. In doing so, he’s ensuring that we both protect America’s natural, cultural and historic legacy and grow our tourism, recreation and clean, renewable energy economies.

These are historic actions that will protect public lands for future generations and conserve and connect habitat to help buffer the desert, its wildlife and communities from a changing climate.

So thank you, President Obama, for living in favor of the future. Thank you, Senator Feinstein, for your years of leadership in California desert conservation. And to all our fans, partners, friends and family, thank you for taking action and standing up for the preservation of special places in California’s wild desert.

Let’s keep the movement and the momentum rolling.  If you haven’t already, sign the petition to preserve three additional worthy landscapes at