Love Your Mother and Mother Nature

Tired of traditional Mother’s Day gifts? Want to appreciate Mother Earth while appreciating your Mom? Go for a hike! While this may seem like a no brainer, we’re hoping we can remind you that whether she’s a fan of the outdoors or not, here’s how you can show your love of nature on trail, in a garden, with a view, on an adventure.

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Look for Flowers
Everything is in bloom in May. Check local listings for wildflower walks and hikes. Look for epic adventures or easy strolls in manicured gardens based on what the mom in your life likes. The fresh beautiful bloom of spring will make any mama smile.

Pack a Picnic
Find a short hike with a great picnic spot that works for her and for kids if you are toting them along too. Whether you have little ones and want to drive into a spot or find a little hike to get you there doesn’t matter. Your job is to pack a great lunch and get mom there.

Go to a Nursery
Is mom less of an adventurer and more of a gardener? Take her to a nursery for a little shopping spree. Find one that’s large, with acreage to roam, so she can really get some outside time in the greenery. Then get her home and help her plant all of those beautiful things.

Plan a Group Hike
Have a social mama in your life. Get a group hike going. Reach out to her friends and encourage a few moms with their families to get on trail together. Find an all family friendly hike that can work for various ages of kids. Check out groups like for hikes with other families.


All Access Hikes
Have a mom in your life who maybe isn’t able to hike or you want to include Grandma in on the day’s adventures? Look for all access trails. Most cities offer these. Go to your cities park page and look for wheelchair friendly. These are also excellent trails for toddlers and new moms who are maybe less stable on their feet and will want to move slow.

Watery Wonders
I love hikes with waterfalls, ponds, creeks, lakes. Water is calming and will help add something relaxing into the day. Maybe even a hike around a lake to somewhere you can also rent canoes.

Change of View
Look for a hike or walk with a beautiful view. A high point in the city or get out of town to a scenic spot. Look for that breathtaking view that will help make it a memorable hike for both you and the mom in your life.


Plant a Tree
Can’t be with your mom this mother’s day or want to honor a mother who has passed? Plant her a tree to help add a little more greenery into a forest you love.

Birds and the Bees
Nothing gets you in touch with nature like birds and bees. Find an arboretum or a nature preserve nearby and go for a visit. This is a great time of year because everything is in bloom. These are usually great for all access, so excellent for people with walkers or wheelchairs.  

Farm Visit
With spring happening and summer fast approaching this is a perfect time for a farm visit. This can be fun for the moms in your life and kids. Look for a farm around the outskirts of town that you can walk around on and tour, get some fresh eggs, maybe even take a tractor ride.