Meet KEEN Ambassador Chris Burkard

We’re stoked to let you all know that prolific action photographer, artist, and global nomad Chris Burkard is officially a part of the KEEN Ambassador family! Chris will be adventuring around the world in a pair of KEEN shoes, working closely with our design and development teams on the next evolution of our products.

“Chris’s passion for adventure and desire to protect wild places aligns seamlessly with KEEN’s values, and his incredible photography is an inspiration for all of us to get outside and experience the wonders of nature both near and far,” says Tyler LaMotte, our VP of Brand Marketing here at KEEN.

To help welcome Chris aboard, we asked fellow KEEN Ambassador James Joiner for the lowdown on his long-time pal.

“Chris Burkard is a force of nature…

As an outdoor and adventure storyteller, there aren’t many of our contemporaries who manage to inspire millions of people on a day-to-day basis the way he does. His reach, wielding an Instagram following that far exceeds the population of, say, Rhode Island, is astonishing to say the least. But Burkard is more than just a social media savant – he got to where he is because of a combination of raw talent, strong work ethic, and, most important, being an unbelievably freaking nice guy.


Photo: Chris Burkard, Avila Beach, CA

It’d be easy to understand how someone with huge brands clamoring for his work and legions of fans and copycats standing by, fingers poised, to rain “likes” upon his images could become at least a little arrogant. Yet every time I see him, Chris is as humble as the last, quick to smile, stoked just to be hanging out. Most impressive, over the past few years, as his career has grown and he’s become firmly established as a force in the world of outdoor photography, he’s wielded this influence and voice to help friends, have fun, and, most importantly, give back to the places where we all work and play.

Photo: Chris Burkard, Hornstrandir Sea Cliffs, Iceland

Whether he’s gallivanting around Iceland in the winter, giving photo workshops in Yosemite, working on children’s books, or shooting surf commercials in New York City, he’s always trying to inspire, not just those around him, but the huge audience in his wake to get out there and have an adventure of their own. In a world that’s increasingly insular and bathed in technology’s blue glow, that’s becoming one of the most important things any of us who work out-of-doors can do, both to help society as a whole and to engage the next generation of stewards to conserve our diminishing wild spaces. As someone who has been working with KEEN for years, I can’t think of a better person – and friend – to welcome into our ambassador family, and I definitely can’t wait to show the world our next adventures.”

– James Joiner


Photo: Chris Burkard, Iceland