Exploring Kauai On Horseback With Melissa Offner

Written by Melissa Offner

If you were to ask me what my favorite thing to do is, I would answer simply: exploring the great outdoors. There’s just something about being in nature and outdoors that grounds me and stimulates me.

When I was a child, I spent a lot of time watching my aunt ride horses and compete in horseback riding competitions. Though I was too young to remember most of it, there are tons of albums at my mom’s house to prove it.

I have always fantasized about exploring the outdoors on horseback, like our ancestors once did. Movies like Dancing with the Wolves, Far and Away or How the West Was Won, inspire me to discover new places.


I figured there would be no better place to combine my love for the outdoors and my want to explore wildlife on horseback than in a place like Kauai, in Hawaii. So when it came time to book my trip to the “Garden Isle”, I made sure I included a horseback riding excursion on the itinerary. Kauai being the oldest of the main Hawaiian islands in the Hawaiian archipelago and also the least densely populated, I knew this would be the best island to venture out into nature. What I didn’t know was how amazing the island would actually be.


Kauai has a mountainous tropical eastern side and a dry desert-like western side. The island is filled with Eucalyptus trees, Banyan Trees, candlenut trees (Hawaii’s official state tree known locally as the Kukui), palm trees, fruit bearing trees and the list goes on. People take jeeps, helicopters, boats and motorcycles to explore the island but no way is more original and also special than on a horseback. Horses have the ability to travel to places that cars cannot and therefore provide an even more unique expedition. I was thrilled that one of the local ranches in Hawaii was able to make this dream come true for me.

For the tour, I knew I would have to be well-equipped and have the proper footwear so I brought my brand new Morrison Mid boots along for the ride. It is the perfect ankle boot that is super comfortable and also practical. Not only were they the ideal footwear for this adventure but they are also a great boot that can be worn when I ride a motorcycle or even just for everyday life. Having a boot that is so versatile is key for me because I am always traveling so much. It allows me to keep the amount of shoes that I bring along with me in my suitcase to a minimum.


Exploring Kauai on horseback was everything I dreamed of and more. These kinds of adventures are what make me feel alive. I love uncovering local gems and learning about the area I am in. I think if everyone just spent a little more time outdoors, the world would be a much different place…

Now that this trip is done, I already have a few ideas of where I would want to explore next. I’m thinking the old west or the Canadian plains. A girl can dream can’t she?


Melissa Offner is a TV host, writer and content creator. She is the founder of the website melsays.com. She started this website as a way to share her passions for travel, wellness, food, surfing and fashion with everyone. Melissa is always on the lookout for the next adventure and loves spending her time exploring the world. Follow Melissa on Twitter and Instagram at @melsays