KEEN + REI: #OptOutside


After seeing the poignant message of REI’s #OptOutside campaign last year, we were so thrilled when they asked us to be a part of this year’s movement. They are asking their partners and fans, “Will you go out with us?” and we are responding with a resounding YES! This year, we are putting together weekly challenges that we want you to participate in, and we’ll be giving away shoes and freebies on our social media channels to help get you outside! If you are looking for more challenges, visit REI’s site to find an outdoor activity near you.

Challenge #5: Take a Friend Outside

Our final challenge for #OptOutside is to grab your favorite buddy and invite them outside for some good, old-fashioned fresh air. Some people like to hit the malls or go to the gym to work off all that stuffing, but our preferred method of climbing out of a turkey coma is just that — climbing…or biking, or skiing, or walking the dog, finding a new trail, surfing, paddle boarding, or making some snow angels. Why not share your favorite activity with your loved ones? Perhaps you’ll teach your mom how to surf, or your niece will show you the ropes of snow angel-making. Be sure to tag @KEEN and use the hashtag #OptOutside for your chance to win some shoes!


Challenge #4: Go Car Free for a Day   If you take one look at KEEN HQ in the morning, you’ll get why people sometimes call us hippies (and we won’t try to deny it!), because the outdoors is something embraced in every aspect of our lives. Nearly half of our employees travel by bike, and many more take public transportation, bike, or skateboard to work–rain or shine. Anything is possible with a good raincoat and some waterproof shoes! this week, we want you guys to join in on the fun and try going car-free for a day. Share your car-free adventures by tagging @KEEN and using the hashtag #OptOutside for your chance to win some shoes!  


Challenge #3: Eat a Meal Outside For our third week, we want you guys to #OptOutside and eat a meal in the wild! Our #LiveMonumental team took a break from the long hours on the road and found a spot to camp and make dinner. Share your meal outside with us by tagging @KEEN and using the hashtag #OptOutside for your chance to win some shoes!


Challenge #2: Find a New Park in Your City For our second challenge, we want you guys to find a new park in your town, no matter the size. We headed to Mill Ends Park, located just a few minutes away from KEEN HQ, and it happens to be the smallest park in the world! Share a photo from a new park you visited this week, and be sure to tag @KEEN and use #OptOutside, for a chance to win a pair of KEENs!


Challenge #1: Take the Long Way Home To kick things off for our first weekly challenge, we are asking you folks to try taking the long way home from work or school this week. Whether you want to paraglide, kayak, SUP, walk, drive, or bike home, we are challenging you to take the scenic route and explore a new part of your town that you haven’t stopped by yet. Who knows? You might discover your new favorite cafe, a new park or playground, or a scenic bike route that you’ll take from now on.


Stay tuned to see what we have in store for Week 5!