Krystle Wright is an adventure photographer who travels the globe in search of unique adventures.

Equipped with our latest Newport sandals, Krystle and her crew have been searching the beaches, waterfalls, and jungles of Maui for a few perfect photos.

This is a postcard-portfolio from their journey.

“We heard the island had a diverse landscape and it lived up to its name! From luscious pools tucked away in tranquil rainforests, to jagged lava rock pools by the ocean and then walking through a desert moon like landscape through the crater.”

“Maui had everything to offer and more for the modern day traveller wanting to get a lot of value out of a quick getaway trip.”

“One of the most surreal moments was sailing out on the ocean and jumping into the water to hear the Humpback Whales sing and talk to each other.”

“Its those special moments that remind you to be present and forget any distractions that would typically enter our lives each day.”

“I love winter but after a while, the body craves some warmth and a quick trip to Hawaii was incredibly accessible and easy!”