Inspiring Activity For YOU and Your Family With KeepFit Women!

Staying healthy and active doesn’t have to be hard. This past week we sat down with Jeenie from KeepFit Women, a fitness enthusiast, food lover, recreation therapist, mom to a beautiful one year old, and soon to be wife to her best friend, to talk all things health and staying active amidst a busy schedule.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your approach to healthy living.
I run KeepFit Women which is a health and wellness company based out of Bowmanville, Ontario. At KeepFit Women I do one-to-one personal training, local group FitCamps and online fitness and nutrition coaching for clients around the world. I’m a certified Personal Trainer and have completed a certification in Diet and Weight Management. I absolutely love to try new foods, finding ways to diversify my personal workout routine and sharing a love for all things fitness and health with others.

What are some common misconceptions that people make about food, healthy eating and wellness?
The first misconception that people have is the belief that your weight is the most accurate indicator of your fitness progression. The truth is, weight can fluctuate because of so many different factors including water consumption and muscle mass. The second misconception is food quantity vs. quality. I believe that too many people focus too much on the quantity of the food that they eat, and not enough about the quality of food that they consume. Eating whole, unprocessed, real food is so beneficial to your overall wellness. The third misconception centers around whole body health. I believe that there is not enough focus on nourishing your body with whole foods, combating stress levels, maintaining good mental health and limiting chemicals in your environment. Being well is a whole body (and mind) state of being.

What are some easy ways we can move and stay active every day?
Here are some of my simple tricks to get a little more activity into your daily routine:

  1. Park at the back of the parking lot everywhere you go.
  2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  3. Take your 15 minute break at work and go for a small walk or even do some lunges or squats!
  4. Schedule your workouts in at the start of the week. Making these time slots a priority in your weekly schedule and hold yourself accountable not too cancel.

If you could recommend one thing that we can do to improve our overall health, what would it be?Make movement a daily habit. Getting into the habit of walking, hiking, jogging, going to the gym, playing sports etc. does not take as long as some would think. When your body is used to being active, you will physically crave it, and what a wonderful and healthy craving to have!

What are some easy ways to get your family more active?
The best thing to do is replace sedentary family activities such as watching TV or going to the movies with active ones. Skip the movies and instead go to the park, go for a family swim, a hike, or skating. Make date nights healthier by attempting to cook a new healthy recipe together at home and going for a walk. A great idea to make things fun for the whole family is to involve your kids in the cooking. Teach them about the nutrients in foods, the different colours, and how they benefit our bodies. Let them taste and help out. The more involved kids are in the cooking process, the more likely they will be to eat their greens (and reds, purples, oranges!)

Speaking of food, what are your top five healthy snacks for when you’re on the go?

  1. Mixed nuts
  2. Avocado on rice cakes
  3. Apple and peanut butter
  4. Lightly salted edamame
  5. Veggies and hummus

One of our main goals is to get people, and their families outdoors- what is your favourite workout to do outside?
My favourite outdoor workout is what I call a “jog remix”. I am one of those people who gets bored after about five minutes of plain ol’ running, so instead I throw in a bunch of fun stuff! I go for an outdoor run, and every few minutes I stop to do interval sprints, jump squats, burpees, box jumps, step ups and push-ups. This way I am working on my cardiovascular capacity, while also challenging myself with the more functional based exercises that I enjoy. And man, does it ever make you sweat! And if you’re not a runner, you can always add these exercises in on your walk or hike!

Lastly, could you share your favourite motivational tip with us?
Of course! Just remember, you are only competing with the person you were yesterday. Forget about the people you see on social media, celebrities and other people in the gym. Focus on yourself and try to be the best version of YOU!


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