The TrailFit life of Frauke Hagen

Lost in trails

Imagine yourself gazing out over a lake as wide as the eye can see, a giant mirror surrounded by mountains. Taking in a fresh breath of crisp mountain air, touching the morning dew. Trails, ready to be discovered, an unpredictable climate, but there’s two things you can depend on: your excitement and gear. You’ll probably run into Frauke, TrailFit girl and outdoor lover. She keeps it KEEN with the right gear and inspires more than 30.000 people on Instagram (

Frauke usually goes to bed with a blood red sunset, sleeps under the darkest starry skies and wakes up with a bright pink sunrise. Well to be honest it’s not all a bed of roses; she may wake up to the sound of rain getting out of her tent knee deep in mud. Anyway Frauke lives her life on trails; exploring, discovering, wandering. Let’s follow her feet, and get to know her story.

A trail of life

Frauke’s feet must be KEEN on trails, not only do they have our Terradora shoes on them (we’ll get to that relationship later), they have seen the best places in the world. Let’s start at the beginning of Frauke’s trail which starts at the Baltic Sea. When she’s not travelling or hanging out at the beach you can find her at the University where she studies Biology and English, which helps her to better understand nature and, of course, makes communicating with other people much easier.

Frauke has always loved being outdoors and has experienced many hiking trips with her family and is currently travelling with her boyfriend, with whom she used to live with in Canada. Frauke’s a busy girl, always on the go, just the way we like it.

I’d say the beauty of Canada with its humongous mountains, rivers and wildlife really changed me as a person.

That particular year in Canada was the cherry on top (of the mountain already filled with cherries) evolving into the person she is today.

What moves you

Obviously we love the path Frauke has taken in life, and what gets her going is just as interesting. What moves her in life? Well for one, probably her great-grandfather who will turn 94 next month. He used to say: “Who makes a halt will get rusty.”

I think this is true. I don’t want to wake up one day, unable to enjoy life because I didn’t move by butt off the couch.

Secondly it’s also the desire to see as much of this world as possible and inspire others to do the same. “Because by getting to know other places and culture, we learn so much about ourselves and how small we really are in this world.”

It’s obvious  that Frauke is  moved by the great outdoors, it’s also obvious she doesn’t live in a tent all the time, I mean have you seen her shiny long blonde hair? Frauke therefore decided to bring some nature to her house to keep her inspired. There are a ton of plants in her small apartment, some of them hanging over her head because they bring so much joy to a place. “I also collect crystals from my travels. When I look at them they remind me of places I’ve been to and if I close my eyes: boom, I’m somewhere far away.”

This girl gets moved by a love for nature and all that lives in it. If you see a blonde woman walking down the street saying “hi there cutie“ to every dog she meets, it might be Frauke. Dogs always make her smile like an absolute idiot (can this girl even look like an idot?) and puppies.. oh, puppies.

Keep moving.

Once Frauke gets moving, she moves. You can find her working out along trails. During summers she enjoys yoga, swimming, long beach walks, or hiking where possible. She likes all of that during winter as well, but just discovered it’s cold, basically. Cycling during winter can be quite fun especially when doing it in a motivated group with some good music.

Frauke’s favourite view whilst working out is a river or mountain lake. Getting lost in trails or an early morning yoga workout, sounds like a good plan. Or not, because usually she just gets caught in the moment and does what she feels like doing!

When I’m outside and do some sort of activity I never feel like: Ok let’s work out now. It just comes naturally and you don’t even think about what you are doing and all of a sudden you are done with a 7 hour hike and just want to go to your tent and get a good night’s sleep.

We’re really happy to hear this because this is exactly what TrailFit is about: an outdoor

workout that makes you feel alive. TrailFit is our new category that we’ll bring to you this spring; it allows you to combine street style, fitness and outdoor adventures. With the Terradora we’re empowering women to workout whenever they feel like it, and still look the part.

It’s a Terradora thing.

We imagine you’re picturing Frauke walking around in sweatpants and hiking boots all day long right? True, no just kidding, she has a very natural, very relaxed style. Relaxed as in oversized sweater, muted colours and nice fabrics. When she buys clothes she will touch them and if they feel nice she’ll try them on. If not, forget it, no matter how fashionable or pretty it looks . A perfect outfit would be a big comfy hoodie, bikini underneath, workout pants/shirts and some sort of shoes that provide comfort and style. Hey that’s convenient we’ve got the shoe that does just right that, the Terradora!

I think the Terradora brings what I am looking for: great style, cute colours and you feel protected from weather without having to give up a shoe that looks and feels good. The Terradora is very feminine which I like because it’s so hard to find a good hiking shoe that doesn’t look like you are wearing your dads working boots.

Frauke sits on our KEEN cloud walking on little pillows. That’s how it feels when wearing the Terradora, according to her.

Imagine every step had as much power behind it as a jumping quirky rabbit. That’s how it feels hiking up hills with them. It’s like wearing a shoe but not >wearing a shoe because it’s so light weight. You’ll forget that you are wearing a shoe but when you look down you will be like: oh what are these pretty things on my feet?

That’s the Terradora on your pretty feet, Frauke! A perfect fit and we’ll keep your life as

active and stylish as it can be, whatever the trails may bring. Whether you decide to walk beside them on or on them, keep discovering, smiling and follow your feet into adventure.