One Adventurous Mama

My eyes were fixed on the dusty ground below me, “just one more step” I would chant in my mind. Looking up would just distract my focus to the final goal my body was aching to obtain. I hadn’t even realized that I reached the top until my team surrounded me and exploded with excitement. I did it. I conquered my first mountain.

Mt. Washington in Victoria, BC was my first excursion I had ever taken, and it etched in me an adventurous longing I never knew that I had. Now, eight years later that trip has never left me, and I am now passing that on to my team; my family.


I am a wife to an amazing man and a mother to three and one on the way, due at the end of March. As parents, we discussed how we wanted to raise our family when we got pregnant with our first. Experiences rather than objects was an extremely important aspect that we wanted to implement.

We started dreaming of all the camping trips and outdoor adventures that we would be able to take as a family and once our first daughter was born those dreams became a reality. We purchased our first 1970’s tent trailer, and our summers were filled with camping trips and local hikes around our beautiful province. Now, as a family of five that 1970’s trailer broke down and we all squeeze into a tent which has been surprisingly an even better experience.


Being outdoors holds the potential of many life lessons. It can push you out of your comfort zone and refresh and nurture your soul at the same time. What a perfect combination for not only ourselves as parents, but for our children as well.

When we go on adventures together, we learn from the nature around us along from each other; taking on more compassion and patience as we climb over rocks and as some struggle up a hill. I have seen it most in my daughters recently as they wait for each other and offer to help one another as they reach their hand out. Along with our youngest learning to get right back up when he falls instead of giving up.


This year we are planning on taking our very first overnight hike. Having the right gear and especially footwear has always been a priority for us. That is why we have always chosen KEEN for our feet to get us there. KEEN shoes have supplied us with true comfort without sacrificing style on every adventure.

We are very much looking forward to many more years adventuring together as a family, and one day we hope to go on those adventures as grandparents!

-Shannon Grochowski

Shannon is an adventurer, a wife, a mama, a photographer and a writer at On her blog you’ll find life in a honest and raw outlook as she shares on motherhood, family, loss, adventure, food and even a little fashion now and again.

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