Get TrailFit with Sophie Everard

Mad for Movement

A deep rooted love, a passion, for moving your body. Taking it on every adventure that comes to mind. A connection with nature, authentic and raw. Open to anything, anyone, the world becomes her playground. Take a peek (or a hike) into the life of Sophie Everard, professional life lover and dark chocolate enthusiast. Let her take you on more trails than you’ve ever imagined, plus a sneak preview into KEEN’s TrailFit work outs we’re shaping together. Get your sweat on and keep it KEEN with Sophie!

The nature of fit

 Nature is rooted in Sophie, and she feels most herself and connected to life when she’s experiencing nature in its raw glory.  And hey, this doesn’t have to be a tropical island somewhere, where Sophie’s swinging from a palmtree. It can just be a local park, where birds chirp, trees dance and the earth is underfoot.

“I love to incorporate nature into my workouts, using it as my playground, to create my own adventure. If by the ocean, I not only love to surf but open-water swim. By the outdoors, work on agility by zipping through trees. And on my bike, explore different terrains and feel the fast rush of air in my face.”

That sounds like our cup of fit! Our cup of TrailFit to be specific. And to keep you on your toes we’ll sneak a peek into the TrailFit program. According to Sophie it looks at city, park and outdoor landscapes, about how you can look at these spaces as your playground, challenging the body and working on boosting strength, mobility, endurance and stoke levels.

TrailFit is a progressive notion and mirrors how Sophie lives her life. Meaning any landscape, and background can become your trail and your adventure at all time.

“When in the city I love to look at it like an urban jungle, looking for obstacles to play on, like benches to jump on, stairs to sprint up. In parks even kid’s play parks offer a host of opportunities, tackling monkey bars, playing chase with kids and more.”

 Designed to move

Obviously Sophie’s designed to move, as is our TrailFit work out she’s working on. Do you still follow? No worries, we’ll lead and talk about Sophie for a bit. Her love for traveling and nature is woven into her everyday life. She’ s a sports coach, writer, blogger, and she runs her own surf & adventure retreat.

“I am now what I would say is a quasi-nomad: living on the road, particularly between London, Portugal, Costa Rica and Bali. I love Latin America, the lands beat with the heart and soul of history, adventure, and of so much beauty on offer, from the awesome waves in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, the rich soul of the Colombian people and their diverse history, and the Jurassic Park-esque beauty of the flora and fauna in Ecuador.”

Sophie 3

How did traveling get into Sophie’s DNA? Her father was a great adventurer. He passed away when she was young but she remembers his stories, vividly entrenched in her mind. “He lived his life so full, and would regale me with tales of his days living in East Africa, exploring the oceans, seeing manta rays the size of volleyball courts jumping by his boat, the colors of the reefs bursting with life; his adventures in Australia, Asia and of course Europe, where he eventually met my mum, a beauty of a Belgian with the kindest and most giving soul I have ever met. They had my sister Nathalie whilst living in Amsterdam, and we then relocated to Greece, where I came along. My sister has been a guiding light my life, so insanely selfless with me and always on hand to give me advice and share adventures with.”

Having lived and loved action sports all her life, she started the Mad To Live Blog in 2015.  Sophie wanted to create a portal that shared all her different passions and pursuits that she works across including writing, surfing, travel, fitness, collaborations and creative projects. She then established Mad To Live Retreats to combine this ethos with her passion for teaching fitness and sharing with women, in a safe, and amazing place.

“The human body is an incredible vessel that allows us to truly experience the riches of the world and life. I truly believe that keeping a strong, healthy body & mind enables you to be more prepared for whatever life throws your way. I train, move, sweat and explore as it keeps me strong mentally and physically, and allows me to do the awesome things I love, like surfing, riding bikes, scrabbling up hills and tearing around parks.”

So for Sophie there’s literally no mountain high enough, and you’ll never hear her say ‘I can’t’ or ‘I shouldn’t’. She’ll just throw back a double espresso, some nut butter or a banana and challenge any trail she gets her feet on!

Style your feet

 You can say all you want, but if you sweat your guts out a lot it’s nice to do it in style. It doesn’t matter if it’s fancy or plain, it needs to be your style. Sophie’s style is a reflection of what she likes: travel, surf, adventure and meaning.

“Style for me is being comfortable, and just playing with it is an expression of yourself.”

But obviously her style also needs to be comfortable, because she wants to move. One of the reasons Sophie’s stoked to see our new Terradora. She thinks this shoe for women is such an awesome step forward in not just the design’s aesthetics, which allow you to pair them with not just your training gear out on a trek or exploring. But if your playground is your city, they also look rad cruising and trekking the city. And she loves the biomechanics of the product.

“A female’s architecture is inherently different to a man’s and it is rad to see a brand seriously take this into account, through the structure of the sole of the shoe, to the cushioning on the Achilles, allowing for optimum fit and function.”

And Sophie got to try all of this Terradora goodness herself in Costa Rica! This lush jungle,  wildly diverse and rich flora and fauna and endless possibility of adventure, offereSophied the perfect chance for her to take her new Terradoras for a serious “spin”, in challenging and diverse terrains.

“Lacing up my Terradoras for the first hike I quickly found out exactly what these kicks are made of.”

From steep inclines, jungle floors dense with twigs and branches, obstacles including bullet ants (run!) and bees, she was stoked to be able to quickly and confidently navigate through anything, knowing her feet had something she really could rely on.

“The benefits were pretty clear to me when comparing with my retreaters who wore more classic sneakers. I loved being able to sprint happily up fun incline sections to view points over the nature parks, to zip past piles of jungle ants (give you a nasty bite if you’re unlucky!) and to tramp happily underneath thick green leaves, spotting howler monkeys, busy tailed squirrels and singing birds.”

Also the non-tarmac’d dust roads of the area, with it’s uneven surfaces proved to be no obstacle for Sophie and her new shoes.

“With TrailFit really to me being indicative of not having to just stick to one workout or put yourself under pressure, exploring the outdoors, hiking, walking and spotting nature, stopping to make use of a wall for jump ups or a hill to sprint up, I really was about to live and breathe this, my dusted Terradoras and me stoked after an epic adventure.”

We’re pretty sure the Terradora is keen on you as well Sophie! We promise they will take you everywhere you want to go in life.

And if you’re just as excited as we are to be following Sophie’s feet along the way, keep an eye out on this blog and our social channels. The TrailFit programs Sophie’s designed for KEEN will drop soon, to turn your neighborhood into your very own work out space!