The Trailfit Life of Christine Wedberg

Between city and nature.

Taking time off to relax, to breathe in other cultures and nature. That’s what we call vacation. Taking time off to do these things permanently is what Christine Wedberg ( calls her life. This spontaneous girl from Stockholm, loves to travel the world, spend time in the wilderness, and meet new cultures. Take a glimpse into her life to discover how she keeps it KEEN!

A tale of cities

Thinking of quitting your 9 to 5? Christine didn’t only think about, she did it two years ago. And ever since, she’s been traveling full-time and last year she went to over 40 countries. Jealous yet? When she’s not traveling the world, she visits her family and friends back home in Sweden or her sisters in New York. Ok now we’re jealous for sure.Black Beach, Iceland

“Since I’m always working while traveling the world, Sweden has become my vacation spot. It’s so nice to come home and see my family, eat delicious Swedish food and the Swedish ‘Pick & Mix’ candy haha!”

Japan is her favorite country in the world, and we believe her because she has seen it all. Another reason why we’re keen on Christine. Need we say more? We will, don’t worry!

All smiles

Christine always starts the day with a smile, singing out loud while driving alone in her car. She’s probably on her way to go snowboarding, one of her favorite sports, she loves to spend time in the mountains (and nature in general). This makes her calm and happy, just as sloths do, they are her favorite animal. More favorites?

“I have a lucky bracelet that I’ve been wearing every day since my journey started, I love Greek food, and I dream about starting a rescue center for animals.”

Making the world a better place one step at a time is something she lives by. She often smiles towards strangers just to spread positive energy and tri
es to do good things for someone else. Which helps her turn the negative into a positive on some days.

Nature moves

Obviously KEEN and Christine are not only a good fit because she has a great personality, we also match in movement. What moves her?

“My passions move me. When I’m passionate about something, I do my utmost to make that passion/dream come true. Passion is really the key to success, whether it’s about work, exercise, or something else.”Reykjavik, Iceland

Nature keeps her calm and motivated. She’s a photographer, so she loves to be outdoors shooting pictures and just having a moment for herself. While nature is important to her work, it also keeps her fit since she often does hikes to find the best views and spots to get perfect shots!

So as you probably figured by now, TrailFit and Christine go hand in hand. Not only because she loves to combine her love for nature with her everyday work. But to her it’s important to be physical so she gets more energy, feels much happier and better about herself when she’s in shape.

“The energy makes me more efficient and creative when it comes to work, and exercising is also an excellent way to start the day.”

Her favorite way to exercise? It’s to either take a nice walk or a hike. Don’t be mistaken, Christine loves to workout at the gym and do weights as much as the next girl, but she also think it’s important to be active and move.

“I’m not a person who likes to be out running or do spinning at the gym, but if you put me out in nature or in a new exciting city I can walk for miles! I think that many people like myself think that it’s pretty boring to just run on a treadmill at the gym, but when you’re out exploring or hiking you get yourself a treat in the form of seeing something new.”

Walking she prefers to do in a city; there’s so much to see so she never really gets bored. That’s why our Terradora is such a good partner in crime. For Christine it’s the perfect blend of a hiker and stylish city shoe. While she was traveling through Asia last year, she walked around 3-4 Swedish miles every day when she was out exploring. So you need a good comfortable shoe! And hiking she prefers outdoors, she loves the feeling of climbing a mountain and being rewarded with a beautiful view. It’s the thing, besides the Terradora, that keeps her going.

Where does this girl get her fuel from? Yes, we’re curious too! Well we won’t keep you waiting any longer, her secret is: water! And we thought she was going to say milkshake…

“I get so thirsty when walking long distances or hiking, so a big bottle of water is a must. I also like to bring a small snack in case I get a bit hungry or tired. A banana or one or two tangerines are perfect to me.”

In her stylish shoes

Style means that you always want to look your best no matter where you are or what you do. At least that is what it means to Christine. She hasn’t got one particular style, but she always tries to dress nicely whether she goes for a hike, walking through a city or going to the airport. So her style varies depending on where she’s going.

“For me it’s Iceland 2important to dress nicely when working out since it makes me even more motivated. I like to wear a nice set of workout clothes and a comfortable and stylish pair of trainers or hiking shoes.”

So that’s where KEEN perfectly fits into her lifestyle. She was recently visiting Iceland, and there she wore the Elsa Boots that kept her warm and dry during her days. And her Terradoras she used for both hiking in the woods and when walking longer distances in towns while exploring.

“The Terradora’s fit my style and life perfectly, and they’re actually one of my favorite pair of shoes in my suitcase. I wear them when hiking in the woods and also when going longer distances in cities around the world. These shoes are the best of both worlds – comfort and style.”

Yes we’re also keen on a perfect fit! That’s why we developed the Terradora’s for women, like you Christine, to move wherever they want. Practical and perfect for the trail and stylish enough to wear in urban environments.