Trailfit Park Training– Sophie Everard

Turn your park into your own adventure.  Escaping to green spaces, even if you live in a city jungle, can always offer a multitude of possibilities with training.  Escape and adventure: work on boosting your endurance, strength, mobility and conditioning, ready for when you do hit the Great Outdoors.

Take one minute rest between sets in set exercises. Depending on fitness level or to increase difficulty, decrease rest time to challenge yourself, down from 60 seconds, to 45, to 30.

Duration: 60 minutes.


  • Light Jog: 500 meters
  • Bound for 50 meters

To bound properly, run with the longest strides you can take, like a triple jumper’s first two steps.

  • Run with “high” knees for 50 meters, lifting your knees as high as you can.
  • Skip for 50 meters, trying to get as high off the ground as possible.
  • Sprint for 100 meters, but keep your body relaxed.


  • Bear crawling – 5 sets (forward and back)

Bear crawling works the upper body, building strength and muscular endurance in the chest, triceps and shoulders and a strong core. Come down on all fours, trying to keep your hands underneath the shoulders and knees underneath hip.  Raise the knees up, and start to crawl, using hands and feet to travel. Bear crawl forward for 20 meters and without resting, then bear crawl backward 20 meters.


  • Dead bugs: 3 sets 8-12 reps

Lay flat on your back with your hands extended above you toward the ceiling. Bend your knees in 90 degree angle and raise your thighs until they are perpendicular to the floor. Now deeply exhale and embrace your abs to bring your rib cage down and flatten you back onto the floor. Slowly lower the right arm and the left leg down to the floor simultaneously while exhaling, then slowly return to the starting position while inhaling. Alternate sides and continue the movement for three sets.

  • Push ups: 3 sets 8-12 reps

Three variations depending on ability: Beginner, intermediate, advanced options:

Beginner: Regressed push-up

This is a push up with hands on raised surface: you can use a bench, wall, higher surface ground.

Elevating your hands is less mechanical work, but you’re keeping the same biomeachincs of the press-up movement, whereas if you drop the knees as an easier modification, you don’t require as much core stability.  Start in a normal push up position, with your hands on a raised surface.  Lower down and press up.

Intermediate: Explosive push up

Start in a normal push up position, but with the hands out slightly wider.  Lower down and press up explosively, push quickly and hard enough to get space between the floor and your hands, landing with the hands in a narrower stance. Absorb the landing and then repeat, going from narrow to wide.  This exercise gives you the upper body power to get up quickly.

Advanced: Raised-Leg Diamond Pushups. 

These hit core, shoulders, triceps, chest, and back. Get into a pushup position with hands making a diamond shape directly under your chest and raise one leg as high as possible before it bends. Perform 30 seconds of pushups then switch legs.

  • Bird Dog: 3 sets 8-12 reps

Start on your hands and knees, with a neutral spine. Extend a leg and learn how to feel your glute moving your leg rather than your lower back.  Once you can do leg, the extend the opposing arm at the same time.

  • Backward walking Lunge: 3 sets 8-12 reps

Stand straight and step the right foot back, keeping the weight on the front foot, with both knees drop to 90 degrees.  Step back to meet the left foot, and repeat on the other side.

  • Long/Broad jumps: 3 sets 12-15 reps

Get into a squat position with the feet shoulder-width apart on soft surface. Squat down deep and explode up, using your entire body to thrust yourself forward.  Land softly on the ground and immediately move onto the next jump.

  • Sprint up hill to end

For lower levels of fitness job quickly up the hill.  Increase difficulty by increasing speed of sprint or number of times you sprint the hill.


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